Friday, March 19, 2010

The Miami Style Magazine

The Miami style Magazine is a high fashion magazine that is catored to young teens,young adults, and mature audiences . This magazine showcases the hottest in fashion in the Miami area .

The Miami Style Magazine is presently under the direction and motivation of Miami Pop & Hip Hop Artist Aniayah Sunshine. Anaiyah Sunshine is a local model, makeup artist, stylist and recording artist who's ambitious spirit seeks more and more adventure for not only her career but also for her new project " The Miami Style Magazine.

She has shot with a lot of photographers as well as being the face of local designers , music videos and local publications.

There will be a lot of new changes to the online publication since this time she will be in full control to change up the flavor and pizazz time and time again for her readers .

Questions and Answers by the Director :

1.What are you trying to accomplish in your online publication?

A. ( A. Sunshine) Well, I'm trying to make the Miami Style Magazine a household name. I would like it to become a publication online and print that everyone can rely on , trust and value our work to be one of fashions overnight masterpieces.

2. What made you assume the position as director of fashion to the Miami Style Magazine?

A. As a little girl, I always wanted to be on one of those home magazines you know. At first , my accomplishments were to become one who everyone would look on a picture and say wow I want to look just like her. As I got older and wiser my concept changed to wow I want to be the one who directed that whole possibility.

3. Is there anything the public should expect from the Miami Style Magazine?

A. Yes . Please look forward to the sister magazine Anaiyah Magazine where I will also be highlighting urban fashion all year long. There will be blasts where the magazines the Miami Style and Anaiyah Magazine will announce my upcomming album Memoirs Produced by Joel Martino producer and owner of Martino Musik Records Summer 2010.

4. Is there a main goal to which why you are always so involved in the local events whether it is modeling , performing, writing, make up artistry and styling?

A. The main goal to be is to create a world where I can freefully express who I am. As a child I wasn't quite as free and liberal as I should because of fear but since I have brushed that fear aside, I am more than happy to know I can make it.


Friday, March 12, 2010

How to do the perfect eye makeup. The Do's and Don'ts of Eye Shadow

Do you often wonder how do those magazine's do it and when you try to be a little creative it looks good in the mirror but in pictures it doesn't give you that edge? Well here's some tips from the make up artist extrodinaire herself that you might want to take a look at.

First things first you need to know what products are right for you . Of course you're saying it's just eyeshadow and I paid a whopping 12.95 at some cool hip make up department and you might assume you got your money's worth. I beg to differ. You first need to know what type of skin you have and what type of makeup you are using.

If you notice some eyeshadows have a creamy, powdered or mixed base which allows the make up to show up in different ways. If it's a powder it would require for someones hand who is patient and dedicated to fill in the required spaces and definition of the eyelid compared to a cream powdered glitter mixture which the texture would be visable without the hassels of repeating the application over and over again.

What should you do to make that perfect appearance? Well, find the eye shadow which compliments your way of style of trial and error. For example mac cosmetics are one of the leading brands because of this concept . The textures of their eyeshadow are very easy to apply . Lets say you don't have that Mac Cosmetics budget and you're a starting make up artist and you want to stand out.

A good generic and competition brands are Milani Cosmetics and even the exclusive brand made by Mac Cosmetics for the fraction of the price is ME . You can exclusively get the M E line at any Ricki's boutique which I stumbled upon at one of their locations on Lincoln Road in South Beach in Miami Florida.

So I guess you wish to know how to get that perfect look right ?

Here's some tips for you.

1. Look at the definition of your eye.

2. when applying make up the indent of your eye should be a darker color to highlight the eye it makes it pop out more

3. the edges of the eye closer to the eyelid should be a neutral color or defining color where the focus should be apparent.

4. The upper portion of the eyelid should be a lighter warming hue which accentuates your eyebrows and the corners of your eye.

5. Eyelash mascara should be important to apply but clumpyness is not accepted if by any chance your eyelash is clumpy a simple eyebrow comb can straighten out those ugly clumpy lashes and make them disappear.

6. Make sure you are aware of the mascara you do use and please make sure you do not use mascasara that you have had for five years it is old and needs to be thrown out.

7. A nice eyeliner can do whether in pencil or liquid.

8. When you are done applying the magic to your eyelid always remember to sanitize your brushes and clean them thoroughly. The more make up that is on your brushes the more you have to work on your eye . The less makeup on your brushes the easier the application will be.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and if you have more questions for me ask me here.

Best Dressed and Worst Dressed at the Oscars 2010

I am truly a fan of the Oscars because of it's presentation and the night is
filled with glits, glam, and of course fashion. It was a romantic night so to speak where are household favorites are glammed up for the night strutting their best on the red carpet. These are my personal favorites for the red carpet of the Oscars.

Cameron Diaz of course was absolutely stunning in her dress made by a classic favorite Oscar De La Renta. The dress was amazing as she walked gracefully on the red carpet smiling proudly makes one wonder who wouldn't if they had a dress like that.

Penelope Cruz was the queen of the night with her dress made by Donna Karan Couture. Her whole ensemble was perfect from make up to accessories nothing overdone and she was exquisite.

Now lets change our tune and review who was a disaster on the red carpet this year.
I wasn't too fond of Jessica Parker's dress made by Chanel though to be quite honest. I was kinda dissappointed really since she has always left a lasting impression on me with her keen sense of style . The dress by far was beautiful but I felt it didn't wow me enough to say yes Jessica you did it again!
Dianne Kruger wasn't a good impression for me either again just like the Jessica Parker selection I felt she picked a dress that was entirely to mature for her. When I say mature meaning that she still holds a little youthful spark that requires something dynamic and charming not something boring and unbecomming. Instead of being the vibrant Dianne Kruger we all adore she looked too grim and she didn't have that spark.
Well ladies, gents, fashion divas, and fashionistas that's my inside scoop of what wowed at the oscars and what was a total nitemare.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Miami Dade Bootcamp Program is in serious danger. Sources say that this wonderful program which is an alternative to young offenders both male and female will be coming to a halt effectively April 2,2010.
For those who are not aware of this program, this program is a prison alternative to youth and young adult offenders with serious criminal charges to change the wrongs that they have commited in the past.
This program is a 16 month program contructed of three phases. Phase I is the military phase to where they are taught proper protocol and respect for not only themselves but also their family and elders. Phase II is a work release program where they are taught proper working habits, alternatives to better interviewing and resume construction and of course landing the job that fits their qualifications. Phase III is the final step to where these young people are now put to work with all the intial training they have learned and apply them to their daily lives.
This program has been opened from 1995 and it is the 3rd top Bootcamp facility in the nation not to mention the endless amounts of success stories that has came out of this prolific program. This is the only hope Floridian young offenders truly have inorder to make a difference and a change in their lives and it's important for the public to know what a wonderful asset this program truly does for their community.