Monday, June 21, 2010


So I wanted to talk about the best foundation for those with a budget. I walked into Walgreens today and of course they have their displays of Maybeline, Revlon, Cover Girl, Milani, Black Radiance and a few others on the shelves and I said what will give me more bank for my buck. I noticed in each of those following lines I didn't see a base , toner, finisher, compact mineral powder , foundation smudge, and loose foundation in one line except for one; Iman.

So I tested out the foundation and the mineral powder which it's light on the face and it doesn't feel oily. I figure why not buy a brand that actually has the entire set up from start to finish. This line has it all from mineral powders , foundations, base and finisher , astringent, toner, it was pleasing to know now you can get over the counter products like exclusive make up lines they have in Macy's and cut your price.

I did some research about Iman's line and I am very pleased to see how she really cares about skin care and radiant make up. Good make up does make a difference. You have to purchase a line that not only cators to your skin but also helps it as well. It's also a refreshing feeling where you don't have to create a chemistry set of products to put on your face everyday. You have the daily care package and the everything else to go with it.

So I encourage anyone who can cator to the Iman Cosmetics line to test it out and see how it will improve your look..

Well Toodles for now,


Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model Anaiyah Sunshine
Mua - Hair - Diana Castro
Photography Jon Gorr

Friday, June 18, 2010

Working with the amazing stylist Kelly Harris

A while ago I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Kelly Harris . She is a dream when it comes to putting things together. She magically brings things to life when it comes to accesories and screams fashion. Well once again I didn't know she had an interview in Studio Art Mag and she mentions me.

I was so deeply moved and honored to know she didn't forget me at all. I had the chance to work with her in my first music video for the song entitled "I feel so Cold". Unfortunately due to lack of professionalism on the film makers part the music video had to revamped and now will be directed by a more professional staff.

If you wish to see the article it's here

Model above : Kelly Harris

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Anaiyah Sunshine*

Pure Cash Magazine Feature was June 11,2010.

So I always check out my paths and see whats's up with my image and I stumbled upon a cute interview I had this past week with Pure Cash Magazine. The photographs that were chosen were by Photography by Leon, J World Photography and Lisa Tinari. I was so happy when I saw it and it made me feel amazing.

I hope to run into them again in the mere future. Thank you Pure Cash Magazine for all you have done.

here is the link to the interview

Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography : Angels to Envy Nyc
Location: Miami Beach Florida


The time is now here. My official Miss June Calendar Party is finally here. Please find information on my pages if you wish to attend. Due to past events and incidences I will not post the official location to my event. The party however is scheduled on Friday ,June 25,2010. HTM MAGAZINE, HIGH INTENSITY EVENTS, and more will be there to promote this celebration of me being Miss June for HTM CALENDAR.

I am so very honored and happy to be apart of it and I can't wait.

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Anaiyah Sunshine*

Miss June HTM Calendar 2010.

Model: Anaiyah Sunshine
Hair and MUA: Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography: Ink Spot Studios
Edits : James Cooper
Location: North Miami Florida

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beauty in Images- Jon Gorr Photography

I personally love this shoot that I did a while ago with Jon Gorr and make up fashionista Diana Castro. It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much in this shoot and I personally like to extend all my graitutude for this shoot.

It was so much fun learning my face and getting into the feel of the shoot. I didn't know I could transform from beauty to primal and I hope in the future I can do more shots like this one. Idealistically, this was my shoot to replicate the famous supermodel Grace Jones.

When Jon Gorr approached me with this idea I was so excited. I couldn't believe he chose me to replicate one of the most famous ( Jamaican decent which I am also part Jamaican myself) supermodel who dared the camera with her powerful expressions.

I want to take this time to say thank you to Jon Gorr and Diana Castro for believing in me and dedicating their time for me.

Well toodles for now ,
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Model: Anaiyah Sunshine*
Make up and Hair : Diana Castro
Photography: Jon Gorr

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss Offshore Casting @ The Clevelander Hotel and June Calendar Signing

So once again I made my star studded appearance rocking sequinced silver pants and a cute back and silver top with heels to this event trying to showcase my hospitality and loyalty to Htm Magazine and I also entered the Miss Offshore Competition in Sunny Isles Florida June 11,2010. I was so excited and welcomed not only by my publicist Carol Lynn Wintergreen for High Intensity Promotions but also by my peers which are above Meka on the right and Miss March for Htm 2010 Calendar Maria.

We had a blast the time was full of fun sun and man there was sun. It was so hot but alot of women did try to cast out for this event and now its two days away. I don't know what is to come out of this pagent but whatever it is I hope and pray that I do my best to represent myself, High intensity promotions, Martino Musik records the label who I am currently signed with and Htm Magazine.

Well toodles for now xoxo's

Anaiyah Sunshine*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Class Act

How can you achieve that classic look without breaking the bank?? Well I can give you a few tips.
1. Have a plan.
Pick up your favorite magazine and pick out a look that you are willing to copy cat.
2. Go for the gold.
What I mean is that you look at boutiques , department stores and thrift stores. Yes I said thrift stores . You never know what hidden gems you can rock out there. Last time I checked I picked up a cute Christian Dior jacket ( original) at a local thrift store Goodwill to be correct and it costed 5 dollars.
Oh trust I shall be wearing that to a photoshoot near you. lol
3. Glam time!
Go find some crazy jewelry , loud colors and stand above the rest. I mean fashion is fun right.
After you mix this beautiful punch of fashion together you will come up with a smashing outfit that will allow you to stand out above the rest.
Well toodles for now..
Anaiyah Sunshine**
Model: Anaiyah Sunshine
MUA & Hair : Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography : Photography by Leon.

How Can you keep in Touch with Anaiyah Sunshine?

Most of the time people often know bits and pieces of what I initally do. Some know me as a local fashion model that has graced some venues, catwalks,commericals, music videos, calendars, posters and own the Miami Style Online Publication. It's so funny how most can't quite piece them together well not right now. I am so fond to be apart of a massive community that appreciates what I do and it's really great to know that I can be apart of this beautiful industry.

So how can you find me? You can google up Anaiyah Sunshine and it will give you some links to who I am and what I do. I'm also fond of the fact that we are so exposed to more and more websites and search engines that can recognize the path of what people do. If you wish to know more about me I will provide some weblinks where you can add me or reach me.

Myspace Modeling
Myspace Music

Find me on MocoSpace : look up name Anaiyah_sunshine1
Face book:

Gloom nation:
New : Anaiyah Sunshine
Miss Online :
Twitter me:
Model Mayhem :

Well I hope these links help and if you really want to know my inspiration I am the director of fashion to the Miami Style Magazine and you can go to this address below.

toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah Sunshine*
Make up & Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography : Seasons Models :

New Artist .com Page

So I decided to create page on New Artist .com. I liked the feel and idea about how you can have your peers listen to your music and vote for you too. I thought this concept was a delightful idea because it allows anyone who is a music artist to become in touch with their fans and see what the general public appreciates in music.
So this make up diva decided to show the world something different. My album will consist of hip hop, pop and electronica. I love to choreograph to I wanted to make an album full of fun and flavor. I wanted to make a powerful international craze where I showcase my deep appreciation of music and the fine arts.
If you want to take a listen you can go here ..
Well Toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Model : Anaiyah Sunshine*
Make up and Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography and Graphics: J world Photography

Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Flow in Beauty

Sometimes less is better. In some settings you can be daring and dramatic and it fits the occasion but it's not cool to be flashy in a children's birthday party. For those occasions, you can tone it down a tad and try to soften up much.A good classy look is always a knock out splash even at a private dinner party.

How do you do that well it's easy. Ok on the lower lid use a make up that will highlight your eye color in the seems of your eye contour it with a darker color and finish up towards the brow line with a lighter shadow. Your cheeks should be nice and warm and your lips make them inviting.

Well I hope this helps..

Toodles for now ,

Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model: Anaiyah Sunshine

Photography: By La Marche

Edits: By T.J. Cooper

Mua / Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sometimes I often wonder why people tend to be so shy and timid when it comes to their make up . Ok nice colors reds and browns ok maybe some pink here and there but what about the lashes they play a huge part in this too you know. Sometimes the right eyelash extensions give people that kick you have been searching for.

And there are so many shapes and styles and if you can't afford the look you want and your good with your mini scissors or a small razor you can create something amazing. Im thinking of an idea right now to be quite honest but tisk tisk I can't reveal everything to you.

Try out multicolored or just a different shade or cut or look and see how far those lashes can go. You might like the way you look. Now when going to an eyelash specialist or spa please keep in mind that they must be professional. please dont go to a place or spa that are going to rush you out of your chair because they see a potential ten bucks waiting for them in the next seat. See if they are certified it's for your own saftey .

Just like in nail care I also suggest the same thing. Do not go into a place that will rush you out of your spot and you dont get the quality service you deserve. Remember you are the person paying for the service and yes it's nice to be courteous but it's also their responsibility that they will ensure you as a new or old client quality work.

Well Toodles for now.

Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah SUnshine
Photography By LEON
Location: Coral Gables Florida
Clothing : Insanitees- Atlanta Georgia