Monday, June 21, 2010


So I wanted to talk about the best foundation for those with a budget. I walked into Walgreens today and of course they have their displays of Maybeline, Revlon, Cover Girl, Milani, Black Radiance and a few others on the shelves and I said what will give me more bank for my buck. I noticed in each of those following lines I didn't see a base , toner, finisher, compact mineral powder , foundation smudge, and loose foundation in one line except for one; Iman.

So I tested out the foundation and the mineral powder which it's light on the face and it doesn't feel oily. I figure why not buy a brand that actually has the entire set up from start to finish. This line has it all from mineral powders , foundations, base and finisher , astringent, toner, it was pleasing to know now you can get over the counter products like exclusive make up lines they have in Macy's and cut your price.

I did some research about Iman's line and I am very pleased to see how she really cares about skin care and radiant make up. Good make up does make a difference. You have to purchase a line that not only cators to your skin but also helps it as well. It's also a refreshing feeling where you don't have to create a chemistry set of products to put on your face everyday. You have the daily care package and the everything else to go with it.

So I encourage anyone who can cator to the Iman Cosmetics line to test it out and see how it will improve your look..

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Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model Anaiyah Sunshine
Mua - Hair - Diana Castro
Photography Jon Gorr

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