Friday, September 10, 2010

Themed Photography: Shooting With Jon Gorr

These photographs to me are very personal and are full of emotion.The whole shoot was very exciting because I was able to show emotion in these photographs. Just with a male blazer and a cap I was able to transform into the child who appeared malnourished , overworked, and depressed. The same jacket I showed pride and other emotions which I will get more photos later on to place on this page.

 As you can see, the photographs show more and more of that innocent child that we all have inside of us dying to come out. The make up was really basic and non dramatic . I didn't want to overshadow the whole theme.

I love this photograph because it's mysterious. You can't see the detail of the face in the photograph too much but you can see the detail in my lips, hair nose , and of course the jacket. I really love these photographs.

I really want to say thank you Jon Gorr for all the lessons you have taught me throughout the years and I really appreciate it.

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Photography by Jonn Gorr
Make up and Hair : Anaiyah Sunshine
Model : Anaiyah Sunshine

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