Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anaiyah's Hit Single "Touch" reaches top charts on Sound Click.

So I am so excited. I just found out my hit single entitled Touch rated #6 out of over 52,000 artists in  the subgenre Electronica on the popular music site Soundclick. I haven't been on that site for long and it's just an honor to be there. I wanted to create music where people can be happy and dance to. I'm not too much of a supporter of doom and gloom. It's amazing when you accomplish a project you truly love and when it's completed you see how your fans and peers react.
I never knew that I had so many fans admiring my music. "Touch" was written by me of course and the soul purpose of that song was really about a person who wants to be loved. If you analyze the first sentence in the first verse I quote " Give to me your hungry Heart" . A hungry heart is a person who hungers love and affection not a person who just want to be liked or admired. I guess that song really hit home because I have been receieving nothing but positive feedback.

 On the new music share site New Artist .com I rate number 1 as the top Pop Artist on the site. One of my favorite songs "So what if you call me your Lady", still remains as number 1.That song was written of course based on personal experience and also a mock of a past relationship. I also wanted my audience to feel like I too go through things but I vent them out artistically. I think my album is going to reach alot of people and I love my supporters from Miami of course and all over the Us and the World for sticking by me in this new transition of my singing style. It's not easy but when I see a fan email me or im me or see me perform on stage it makes me so happy to know that someone out there truly understands the movement and appreciate my music.
I am also so blessed to have a producer Joel Martino aka Dj Martino that truly understands my vision to expand and create a sound that is unique and beautiful.

I am so thrilled and happy for this opportunity.

Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine

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