Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Dressed and Worst Dressed at the Oscars 2010

I am truly a fan of the Oscars because of it's presentation and the night is
filled with glits, glam, and of course fashion. It was a romantic night so to speak where are household favorites are glammed up for the night strutting their best on the red carpet. These are my personal favorites for the red carpet of the Oscars.

Cameron Diaz of course was absolutely stunning in her dress made by a classic favorite Oscar De La Renta. The dress was amazing as she walked gracefully on the red carpet smiling proudly makes one wonder who wouldn't if they had a dress like that.

Penelope Cruz was the queen of the night with her dress made by Donna Karan Couture. Her whole ensemble was perfect from make up to accessories nothing overdone and she was exquisite.

Now lets change our tune and review who was a disaster on the red carpet this year.
I wasn't too fond of Jessica Parker's dress made by Chanel though to be quite honest. I was kinda dissappointed really since she has always left a lasting impression on me with her keen sense of style . The dress by far was beautiful but I felt it didn't wow me enough to say yes Jessica you did it again!
Dianne Kruger wasn't a good impression for me either again just like the Jessica Parker selection I felt she picked a dress that was entirely to mature for her. When I say mature meaning that she still holds a little youthful spark that requires something dynamic and charming not something boring and unbecomming. Instead of being the vibrant Dianne Kruger we all adore she looked too grim and she didn't have that spark.
Well ladies, gents, fashion divas, and fashionistas that's my inside scoop of what wowed at the oscars and what was a total nitemare.

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