Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make up mastery

Ive been writing up some of the coolest tips to how you and I can achieve flawless make up. I believe one of the keys to having flawless make up is the ability to know your skin. Is it oily or often dry? Is your skin rough or smooth??

These are the factors one must look into when it comes to make up. When have this type of sense of what you like and what your skin likes it makes it a lot more fun to play with make up. Most people have bad experiences when it comes to make up. That happens when you pick the wrong products that don't agree with your skin or you just pulled it off the shelf because your best friend has it but dont really know how to use it.

My suggestion if you are trying to dabble into the world of make up is to first discover what skin type are you. After you have that major detail now is where are the fun begins. Just because you have the perfect make up to hide your blemishes don't give you the excuse to have them . You need to take care of your skin pamper it daily and on a regular basis to where you are most comfortable with your skin with or without make up. It's very important for you to know that.

Drink pleanty of water and eat fruits and veggies daily. Try to seek proper rest and most importantly use body washes , cleansers, and lotions that help your skin improve than destroy it.

Model shown below Rebecca Saint- Pierre

Photography : Carl Flick Body Painting Carl Flick

Make up Artistry : Anaiyah Sunshine

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