Monday, July 26, 2010

Smashing Fashion and More The Miami Style Features Miami's Hidden Secret Julio De Leon

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Miami's creative clothing designer Julio De Leon. He has been featured for three covers so far and has made my online publication The Miami Style Magazine a success. I am so thrilled and honored to be here seeing it all.

For the first cover under my direction the cover was shot by Meg Pukel and the model was Megan De Vita. She was a delight to work with. She had so much passion . Make up was done by no other the diva himself Jay Fierce . ( ) You can go to his online web site and see his creative style there

Julio De Leon is not only just a designer he is evolution itself. He creates masterpieces with his work and precision. He sets boundaries for the new meaning of couture with a splash of couture's past and brings his garments to life.

I had the pleasure to not only be the face but to direct the image of what Julio De Leon couture should be and evolve to become in the mere future.

So the dawning ages of the The Miami Style Magazine was born. I wanted daring , edge, and fierce photographs. I wanted fashion. How can I showcase this in an online publication most asked. Well, I did and will continue to do so . So far I have shown people his grace and elegance. This hidden treasure kept locked away is now getting his final due. It is my job as a director and Co Owner to The Miami Style Magazine to continue on this legacy of fine garments. Season
after season I will strive to conitue to publish and showcase more and more of his line.

We have just finished our Summer issue and is available online for everyone to see. I am thrilled to see what our audience will think of this new cover issue. I wanted to bring a woman who's features and tone that will shine above all boundaries . I think she pulled it off well. The summer issue was entitled Glamour Unlimited. Each page of this Summer's must haves got better and better. Now it's more make up more accesories angles and couture. Another record smash by the fablous Julio De Leon.

Hair and makeup and styling was done by yours truly Anaiyah Sunshine. I'm so pleased to have another successful cover and I can't wait till fall.

The second cover was themed Spring Romance. I wanted a pair of beautiful women to be the front line for this cover and who could they be but Miami's favorite twins Delphia and Delerice Clarke. The twins were incredible . I played with sweet twin and evil twin showing their differences and strengths. All make up was done by me. In that issue we allowed the twin sensations to model for an Atlanta Based tee shirt line by the name of Insanitees. The photographer and now main photographer to my publication was shot by Leon. I say old chap Bravo good friend Bravo! This summer's cover was shot by him as well and this makes this his second cover.

What is the next step to the online publication ? I wish I can tell you, but I just can't. It has to be in the safe of all of my ideas and when the time is right you shall see what we will unveil next. I can tell you this it shall be the biggest cover yet . More fashion more accessories more shoes purses articles everything and more. Till then just go to the site

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Anaiyah Sunshine*

First spread: Megan Devita
Mua& Hair : Pablo Villavencio & Jay Fierce
Photography : Meg Pukel
Location : Miami, Florida
Second Spread: Glamour Unlimited Summer theme
Model : Shana Lafleur
Mua& Stylist : Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography : Leon
Location: Miami , Florida
Spring Romance Spread Spring Romance
Models: Delphia and Delerice Clarke
Mua& Stylist : Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography Leon
Location: Coral Gables, Florida

All wardrobe were provided by Julio De Leon Couture

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Q3eory Clothing

This past weekend I have the honor to shoot for Q3eory ( Pronouced Q Theory) Clothing line. I was so amazed of the concept of this line it made me feel better for being picked to shoot for them. The line is based on Astrology and Numerology.

The line is based on the thesis on how Astrology and Numerology can impact a positive change in someone's life. I'm not talking about how your life can change on a scroll that's randomly printed to everyone. This is a old practice that has been perfected beyond the times of Ancient Egypt and is still practiced to this day.

I was so shocked to know that this way of thinking and lifestyle can bring a positive change in my life.

I thank Q3eory Clothing for this blessed opportunity to be apart of this and I hope them all the best in the future.

Model above and Middle : Anaiyah Sunshine
Mua& Hair : Anaiyah Sunshine
Above Photograph: Taken by Felix Mizioznikov
Middle and Ending Photograph : Q3eory Clothing Inc.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Glam Rock Shooting with FELIX MIZIOZNIKOV

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Felix Mizioznikov. I had an amazing time and the shoot consisted with fun and surprizes. The make up and hair were done by me and also the wardrobe styling. How can someone achieve that look you ask?

It's all about the brush. I had gotten eyelash extensions and purchased blue contacts from a line called Pacifica and the contacts color is labeled ocean blue. My eye make up consisted of Mattese Elite or ME ( inexepensive product but made by the founders of Mac Makeup), Foundation and pressed powder was by Iman Cosmetics , Lip color was by Milani Cosmetics, Liquid Eye liner by Wet n Wild.
My eyeshadows on the eyelid was in matte so when applying matte eyeshadow make up one must be very careful with their brush and go in a pointalista fashion. Pointalista is a way of painting where the artist makes little dots in a mathematical way to form a shape or pattern. This helps so you wont have too much access under the crease of your eye. A cool trick is to do the pattern I just explained and use a card that way the make up falls on the card and not on the client's face. Continue to follow upward with the brush lining the crease of your eye.

Now use a nice noir ( black) liquid liner to bring out the smokey eye. on the outer edges of the eyelash extensions and underneath . Also, define the smokey eye by using a little of the smokey color underneath the lid and stop in the middle. In the inside apply a dab with a small brush or q tip with a sparkle of silver. On the upper part of the eyelid intensify the eye make up with beautiful hues of bronze and speckles of gold ; then define your eyebrow with silver.

My eyebrows were drawn by me. I do not use a stensil. I think it's insane. I follow the form of my eyebrow and intensify it . My lips were based with a light foundation just so my lip color could stand out more and then I applied it. I topped it off with a nice gloss and I was good to go.
Hair was roller set , blow dried and then flat ironed.
I hope for more shoots from this awesome photographer.
Well toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah Sunshine
MUA - Anaiyah Sunshine
Hair - Anaiyah Sunshine
Wardrobe Styling - Anaiyah Sunshine
Location- Miami , Florida

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bunny Talk Spokesmodel Competition @ New Port Beach Hotel. with Diana Laura and Nikko

I had the pleasure to be apart of the Bunny Talk Spokesmodel Competition @ the NewPort Beach Hotel in Sunny Isles Florida. I was so very honored to be apart of this great competition.Not only was I able to be on the radio show on but I also was on the Pellizcame show on local Miami station America Teve on channel 41.

The Spokesmodel who won was Miss Leola Bell. ( dressed in yellow on the left) She has been a great support to the Bunny Talk Family and I wish her lots of success. I was very happy to see familiar faces and friends and I hope for more fun in the future. Thanks Nikko( guy on the right in the middle. He is also the owner of Nikko Entertainment and Co Host to Diana Laura in the tv and radio show Bunny Talk.( beautiful lady in top picture on left.)

I hope to see more fun shows, more bloopers, and lots and lots of fun from these wonderful people.

Toodles for now


Anaiyah Sunshine*


Anaiyah Sunshine, Diana Laura , Kaycee ( Miami Caliente player)

Danielle Lavoie , Leola Bell, Nikko!

My make up: Done by me

Clothing : Miami Lace Lingerie

Brotherhood of the Game Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the popular male blogs entitled "Brotherhood of the Game." The questions were kinda racy but I managed to pull through them with ease. It focused alot of economicial issues and relationships. I think I managed to pull through once again maintaining my classy charm. lol

The interview was really fun and I hope I come back on it again maybe 6 months from now with a hotter topic and possible clips from my upcoming Electronica Pop Album that debuts this year.

The album consists of various topics and emotions, so I decided to entitle it " Memoirs." All songs were produced by Miami's Hidden Secret dj Joel Martino. Joel Martino has been a great help to my career and I hope for bigger and better things for us in the future. Martino or known in the industry ceo and owner of independant label Martino Musik Records, is a force to be reckoned with. His musicial style is very different and he is intuned with worldly music. I can't truly say what is his genre but I can say it's beautiful.

Please go to my music page on myspace where you can find some of the tracks.

Want to see my exclusive Interview with Brother Hood of the Game ? Thank you BrotherHood Of the Game I really appreciate it :).

Click here

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Anaiyah Sunshine*




Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hidden Treasures Magazine Exclusive

I was so honored to know that I was featured in the Hidden Treasures Magazine publication. I had a fun time being in it as well as being Miss June for Htm Calendar 2010. I wanted the readers to see another side of me and that they can relate to my answers.

Here are a few touched up photos with HTM tagging their mark.

Here I am wearing the sizzling tutu dress made by Julio De Leon.

This shot was taken by Lisa Tinari

All photos except for the first photo make up and hair was done by yours truly. Styling was by me.

link to interview can be found here :

Well toodles for now,


Anaiyah Sunshine