Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bunny Talk Spokesmodel Competition @ New Port Beach Hotel. with Diana Laura and Nikko

I had the pleasure to be apart of the Bunny Talk Spokesmodel Competition @ the NewPort Beach Hotel in Sunny Isles Florida. I was so very honored to be apart of this great competition.Not only was I able to be on the radio show on but I also was on the Pellizcame show on local Miami station America Teve on channel 41.

The Spokesmodel who won was Miss Leola Bell. ( dressed in yellow on the left) She has been a great support to the Bunny Talk Family and I wish her lots of success. I was very happy to see familiar faces and friends and I hope for more fun in the future. Thanks Nikko( guy on the right in the middle. He is also the owner of Nikko Entertainment and Co Host to Diana Laura in the tv and radio show Bunny Talk.( beautiful lady in top picture on left.)

I hope to see more fun shows, more bloopers, and lots and lots of fun from these wonderful people.

Toodles for now


Anaiyah Sunshine*


Anaiyah Sunshine, Diana Laura , Kaycee ( Miami Caliente player)

Danielle Lavoie , Leola Bell, Nikko!

My make up: Done by me

Clothing : Miami Lace Lingerie

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