Monday, July 19, 2010

Glam Rock Shooting with FELIX MIZIOZNIKOV

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Felix Mizioznikov. I had an amazing time and the shoot consisted with fun and surprizes. The make up and hair were done by me and also the wardrobe styling. How can someone achieve that look you ask?

It's all about the brush. I had gotten eyelash extensions and purchased blue contacts from a line called Pacifica and the contacts color is labeled ocean blue. My eye make up consisted of Mattese Elite or ME ( inexepensive product but made by the founders of Mac Makeup), Foundation and pressed powder was by Iman Cosmetics , Lip color was by Milani Cosmetics, Liquid Eye liner by Wet n Wild.
My eyeshadows on the eyelid was in matte so when applying matte eyeshadow make up one must be very careful with their brush and go in a pointalista fashion. Pointalista is a way of painting where the artist makes little dots in a mathematical way to form a shape or pattern. This helps so you wont have too much access under the crease of your eye. A cool trick is to do the pattern I just explained and use a card that way the make up falls on the card and not on the client's face. Continue to follow upward with the brush lining the crease of your eye.

Now use a nice noir ( black) liquid liner to bring out the smokey eye. on the outer edges of the eyelash extensions and underneath . Also, define the smokey eye by using a little of the smokey color underneath the lid and stop in the middle. In the inside apply a dab with a small brush or q tip with a sparkle of silver. On the upper part of the eyelid intensify the eye make up with beautiful hues of bronze and speckles of gold ; then define your eyebrow with silver.

My eyebrows were drawn by me. I do not use a stensil. I think it's insane. I follow the form of my eyebrow and intensify it . My lips were based with a light foundation just so my lip color could stand out more and then I applied it. I topped it off with a nice gloss and I was good to go.
Hair was roller set , blow dried and then flat ironed.
I hope for more shoots from this awesome photographer.
Well toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah Sunshine
MUA - Anaiyah Sunshine
Hair - Anaiyah Sunshine
Wardrobe Styling - Anaiyah Sunshine
Location- Miami , Florida

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