Thursday, July 22, 2010

Q3eory Clothing

This past weekend I have the honor to shoot for Q3eory ( Pronouced Q Theory) Clothing line. I was so amazed of the concept of this line it made me feel better for being picked to shoot for them. The line is based on Astrology and Numerology.

The line is based on the thesis on how Astrology and Numerology can impact a positive change in someone's life. I'm not talking about how your life can change on a scroll that's randomly printed to everyone. This is a old practice that has been perfected beyond the times of Ancient Egypt and is still practiced to this day.

I was so shocked to know that this way of thinking and lifestyle can bring a positive change in my life.

I thank Q3eory Clothing for this blessed opportunity to be apart of this and I hope them all the best in the future.

Model above and Middle : Anaiyah Sunshine
Mua& Hair : Anaiyah Sunshine
Above Photograph: Taken by Felix Mizioznikov
Middle and Ending Photograph : Q3eory Clothing Inc.

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