Monday, May 24, 2010

How to put the glam in glamour?

I love showing people how to put the cat in the cat's meow in make up. How can you achieve that spark or that flare in your mac or ricky's boutique eye shawdow pallette? Do I need to invest in make up brushes ?
Well the answer to the first question is practice and trail and error. A good magazine or two can be a great coach. You want to achieve that flawless style and aim for the magazine cover look. Brushes are essential because different brushes can help you get different looks. It's like you are painting color on someone's eyelid. It may seem easy but just like in Home Depot when buying a gallon of paint and you don't know what you are doing you can make a disaster.
Trust me time and time again I have seen women of all colors make horrible mistakes to their eye make up and they will admitt to you that it's ok. We all know it looks more towards Nitemare on Elm street than Vanity Fair.
So what can one do ? I would personally shop around for brushes. They are so many different types and styles of brushes one can have... Like little by little ask around see what brushes do what and play around see what schemes you can come up with.
Well toodles for now..
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Model: Anaiyah Sunshine*
Photography : Dead Pixel Studios - Davie , Florida

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