Monday, September 20, 2010

Razzle Dazzle Barbershop GrandOpening & Fundraiser for SafeSpace

What an amazing event ! What an amazing woman who made this event possible. Razzle Dazzle Barbershop is a great place for men to go and get pampered. It's a vintage barbershop catered to the men we love and it's an amazing place . Razzle Dazzle Barbershop is owned by the beautiful Elena. This woman is an inspiration and a wonderful person.

She wanted to do an event supporting the victims of domestic violence. With that subject in mind there are millions of women and children who are in need of assistance in this situation. I used to work as a social worker for SAFESPACE and when approached by Angelina from ACFG girls dance squad and Elena I had to support.

Elena made a star studded event full of glamour, fashion, dance and fun . She has been an inspiration to us all in the community of Miami Dade County and we all love her for it. Being a survivor of domestic violence and an advocate myself I want to say to you Elena " You are truly beautiful inside as you are outside and truly you are one of God's angels."

Here are some of the clips with co hosts from Miami's Deco Drive channel 7 of us rocking this event as well as Elena cutting the ribbon to her new shop in Mary Brickel Village in Miami Florida.

Elena shown above with three hosts from Deco Dive and me smiling on the left as the crowd
cheers her on for cutting the ribbon
Me on the left alongside Deco Drive's main Diva before ribbon cutting.

Me on the right white and feather & Silver Outfit along side the Acfg girl dance squad
which I am now one as well.
Me in routine

Hair and make up were provided by PAUL MITCHELL and costumes were made by Elena.

Want to get a shave or a nice hair cut please go to Razzle Dazzle!!

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine 

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