Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starstudded Hair Show with Studio 61: The Dance of Hair

( Johnny Diol shown above .. You are truly an artist) 
This was an experience of a lifetime. I was looking for this location to a dance casting near Coral Gables with my bestie Chris and I stumbled upon one of the most amazing hair salons I have ever been; Studio 61. The  star hair stylist Johnny Diol who is known for his amazing hair cutting technique actually requested for me to come back to the salon for they were participating in the hair show this past August at the Miami Beach Convention center.

(Lydia Davis shown above .. You rawk girlie!!)
I was so amazed because I never seen such a salon I personally made sure to sleep over a friend's house who lived nearby just so I can be on time for the transformation. My hair was used by the best in the making in haircare Paul Mitchell. My hair was relaxed , treated styled and Microbeaded by another amazing Hair Stylist Lydia Davis.

I was truly impressed because this salon believes in unity. Everyone works together and no one is divided. If a stylist needs help wtih flatironing an assistant which Lydia's assistant that day was Chris helped her along the way to my hair transformation.

(Berta Zayas shown above. You are amazing)
When enetering this fine salon you are welcomed by the beautiful Berta Zayas who welcomes everyone to this beautiful salon. In studio 61 you can also get the best treatment from teeth whitening ,paraffin treatment for those rough hands to be silky smooth, and even a calming hair treatment with natural brown sugar. ( Trust me guys I soooo wanna go back for that and I shall.) As the clients are receiving their wash or treatment you also have tuturials showing what are the services of the salon as well as their portfolio work in hair and make up. Yes they are on facebook and model mayhem so models please look them up!

(Katia Lopez shown above. Can you please do my nails again lol)
My nails were styled by the nail extrodinaire Katia Lopez. I loved my nails I really really did they were awesome!

The hair show was a complete success and completely choreographed by the amazing star stylist Jonny Diol and owner to Studio 61.I was so happy to be there and I am so thankful for getting lost to that casting that day. (which by the way I did find it and I made it !  details soon)

Thank you so much Johnny, Berta, Lydia, Eve, Katia and all of you . Thank you guys so so much for this blessing and I pray that there is more for you guys in the years to come because I truly feel you guys are the best salon in Miami Florida.

Below are some of the portfolio shots and  above is a cool hair Stylist Eve Verduga . She didn't get to do my hair but honey she's fierce.

I am so amazed that on my online high fashion magazine THE MIAMI STYLE , I am going to write about them again on my quarterly publication this Fall / Winter Spread entitled "The Director's Cut debuts October 2010." By the way Hi I'm the director of fashion and Co Owner to the High Fashion online magazine  The Miami Style Magazine .
Studio 61 portfolio

I would like to present to you Studio 61, The Dance of Hair.

Want to go to this amazing place or see their site here it is

Inside the laboratory the amazing Studio 61

So relax and be pampered by the finest salons in Miami can offer.
Studio 61
Studio 61 Hair Boutique

61 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Updated photos of the show will be shown later.

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