Friday, September 17, 2010

Anaiyah : Behind the Scenes : One on One Exclusive

When i first started modeling I was a pin up model as in pinned up for my great grandmother's clothing. She would sew uniforms for the children in the neighborhood in Jamaica. Wow was she talented. After she was done with her outfits I would take the scraps and create dresses, shorts, hats, pants, and skirts for my dolls with a neighborhood friend of mine since my mother couldn't afford to buy me doll clothes. It was fun I started sewing around the age of seven.

                  Later on I continued to learn off my mother since well practically every female in my mother's family knew how to sew, design and illustrate fashions. I recall when I was eight years old I was watching the fashion netowrk channel at the time and I made a blue rayon dress with a long train for my doll and something remotely simular came up on the screen. My auntie Winsome was estatic and ran and told my mother I will grow up having a passion for fashion.

                 As I grew older around the age of 12 or thirteen I began doing local runway venues for small boutiques around the North Miami area. I was the town favorite. As time passed on I struggled my way through into becoming some what of a success story for my mother. She put me in alot of things. Dance , Music Appreciation, Chorus, and even Basketball. My mother made it an effort for me to grow up with so many outlets of opportunities. I am so thankful for her.

Around 16 or 17 I decided to make clothing for my best friend Darlene. Her mother couldn't afford school clothes so I would either make them from scratch or what most call today creatively style her clothing. I would resuchure her clothing, do her hair , nails and feet so she would look super original for class everyday.
On my senior year of high school I became a featured columnist for my high school newspaper as a fashion critic. Ironically enough , I am now a part owner to a online high fashion publication.

Later on in my early twenties I regained all my strength and became who I am today. A struggling artist who's motivation started from the age of seven.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and learning more and more about me.

                                      Toodles for Now,
                                     Anaiyah Sunshine*

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