Friday, September 17, 2010

Paparazzi Magazine : Omdaya Couture: Mega Tv Exclusive

Omdaya couture is a line full of color passion and creativity. The owner of Omdaya clothing is a beautiful singer and performance artist( Daynami Sanchez )  and has been featured many times on the Mega Tv Latin American Television Station.When you wear Omdaya clothing you feel unique and special. I know i did when I was chosen to model for her.

She has styled some of the star studded hosts on Paparazzi Magazine Tv which is a Latin American Television show that comments about the latest in celebrity gossip, fashion, movies, music and more.

Omdaya Couture is highly recommended here on Anaiyah Magazine because I love the way she expresses her creative style.

Omdaya-( Daynami Sanchez) Shown in photograph speaking to the hosts of
Paparazzi Magazine on Mega Tv smiling with her featured models for her amazing line.
Anaiyah shown on the left in a beautiful dress with combination of patterns.

Omdaya- shown on the left with her models before the designer spotlight on Paparazzi Magazine TV on Mega Tv.

Thank you Omdaya Couture for the amazing opportunity , thank you Paparazzi Magazine TV and a big thank you to Mega Tv as well.

Eso es todo ahora,
Toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Do you want to shop or see more of Omdaya clothing?
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  1. Shoes provided by Kim's Closet Boutique

  2. what is that lady's name on the right with the the dark blue dress and those gorgeous heels?

  3. Por favor regrese Requena con Orietta