Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Can you keep in Touch with Anaiyah Sunshine?

Most of the time people often know bits and pieces of what I initally do. Some know me as a local fashion model that has graced some venues, catwalks,commericals, music videos, calendars, posters and own the Miami Style Online Publication. It's so funny how most can't quite piece them together well not right now. I am so fond to be apart of a massive community that appreciates what I do and it's really great to know that I can be apart of this beautiful industry.

So how can you find me? You can google up Anaiyah Sunshine and it will give you some links to who I am and what I do. I'm also fond of the fact that we are so exposed to more and more websites and search engines that can recognize the path of what people do. If you wish to know more about me I will provide some weblinks where you can add me or reach me.

Myspace Modeling :www.myspace.com/ladiianaiyah
Myspace Music www.myspace.com/anaiyahsofficialmusicpage

Find me on MocoSpace : look up name Anaiyah_sunshine1
Face book: www.facebook.com/people/Ladii-Anaiyah/720921863

Gloom nation: http://www.gloomnation.com/miss-anaiyah/
New Artist.com : Anaiyah Sunshine
Miss Online : www.missonline.com/profile/anaiyahsunshine
Twitter me: www.twitter.com/ANAIYAHSUNSHINE
Model Mayhem : www.modelmayhem.com/1022241

Well I hope these links help and if you really want to know my inspiration I am the director of fashion to the Miami Style Magazine and you can go to this address below.

toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model : Anaiyah Sunshine*
Make up & Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography : Seasons Models :

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