Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Flow in Beauty

Sometimes less is better. In some settings you can be daring and dramatic and it fits the occasion but it's not cool to be flashy in a children's birthday party. For those occasions, you can tone it down a tad and try to soften up much.A good classy look is always a knock out splash even at a private dinner party.

How do you do that well it's easy. Ok on the lower lid use a make up that will highlight your eye color in the seems of your eye contour it with a darker color and finish up towards the brow line with a lighter shadow. Your cheeks should be nice and warm and your lips make them inviting.

Well I hope this helps..

Toodles for now ,

Anaiyah Sunshine*

Model: Anaiyah Sunshine

Photography: By La Marche

Edits: By T.J. Cooper

Mua / Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine

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