Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Artist .com Page

So I decided to create page on New Artist .com. I liked the feel and idea about how you can have your peers listen to your music and vote for you too. I thought this concept was a delightful idea because it allows anyone who is a music artist to become in touch with their fans and see what the general public appreciates in music.
So this make up diva decided to show the world something different. My album will consist of hip hop, pop and electronica. I love to choreograph to I wanted to make an album full of fun and flavor. I wanted to make a powerful international craze where I showcase my deep appreciation of music and the fine arts.
If you want to take a listen you can go here ..http://www.newartist.com/frame.php?url=%2Fhome.php
Well Toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Model : Anaiyah Sunshine*
Make up and Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine
Photography and Graphics: J world Photography

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